Already 463768 individuals are freeing more time for their group.

Group Website

Is updating your group's website the responsibility of an individual member?

Give FreeMore a chance and see how easy website updates can nowadays be.

Member Area

Every group has some files or conversations that should be available only to the group’s members or the board.

FreeMore’s Member Area and Board Area are perfect places for this.

Member Register

Member List is the foundation of member communications.

We have given some proper thought to how your member list can always be up to date, and the answer is not in the secretary’s Excel file.

Group Email

On the road and have a quick message for your whole group? Or want to reach certain individuals privately?

Use FreeMore's Group Emails to do this super fast.

FreeMore customized to suit your union

Many central unions have chosen to collaborate with us. See if the member associations of your union can obtain FreeMore designed just for them!

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